Julie Valentine Studio of the Performing Arts

Since 1979, the Julie Valentine Studio has been offering the finest in
professional quality performing arts training in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Where is your studio located?

    My studio is in my home which is located in the Springtown area of Livermore. If that is too far for you to travel, I also teach lessons online via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.

I have no previous experience. Do you take beginners?

    Absolutely! I work with people of all levels, beginning to advanced.

I am an actor but need to improve my singing voice as well as my speaking voice. Can you help me?

    Yes, I work with many "non-singers" who want to learn to sing. Even if you're not interested in doing Musical Theatre, a well rounded actor should know at least the basics of singing.

I have been told that I am "tone deaf". Is it hopeless for me to try to sing?

    Pitch problems can happen for a variety of reasons, most of which can be overcome. So, no, it's not hopeless. I've worked with a lot of people - both adults and children - who had pitch problems and I have had really good success with them!

I am a person of a "certain age". Is it too late for me to take lessons? Am I too old?

    You're never too old! I have had many students start in their middle - and even senior - years who have had great success and enjoyment from taking lessons.

I see you accept children for voice lessons. I've heard other teachers say that they should wait until they're older. Why is it that you take students that other teachers won't take?

    Children's voices are still developing so it's important to be cautious not to put any unnecessary strain on them. For this reason, waiting until adolescence is best for many kids. I will take younger kids who have mature voices, as well as kids who are doing a lot of singing - especially in theatre. It's important for these kids to learn how NOT to hurt themselves - how to sing correctly and recognize when they are straining their voices. I'll also take younger students that just don't want to wait! There is a lot we can do that does't put any strain on the voice. I just like to make sure that parents understand that we can't push younger kids too fast!

I want some help preparing for an audition. Can I just come a few times or do I need to commit to ongoing lessons?

    I do a lot of audition prep and you can certainly just come a time or two. There is no minimum number of lessons you need to agree to.

I have no desire to be a professional singer. I want to do this for my own enjoyment and to be able to sing Christmas Carols without embarrassing myself. Do you take students like me?

    Of course! You don't need to have professional aspirations to take lessons. Singing is a something that everyone should explore just for the sheer joy of it!

I am interested in taking lessons online. How does that work?

    You will need a computer with the Zoom or Skype software installed. I can help you get set that up if you need help. Otherwise, it's much the same as the in-person lessons. You can find more information on the Online Lessons page.

Text: 650-269-5486           Email: jv@valentinestudio.com