Julie Valentine Studio of the Performing Arts

Since 1979, the Julie Valentine Studio has been offering the finest in
professional quality performing arts training in the San Francisco Bay Area.


"Julie was one of my very first vocal teachers and I'm so glad to have had her guidance and expertise so early on in my singing and performing endeavors. Her expert, inspiring, and joyful approach to teaching me how to use my vocal instrument -- and especially becoming aware of how to appropriately utilize my breathing mechanism while singing -- helped to start me on a solid path to realizing not only advanced abilities in singing and vocal technique, but also confidence in performance and eloquent expression through the art of song."
        Pierce Peter Brandt, Professional Actor/Singer/Teacher (Web site)

"I had been singing bluegrass and folk music for a few years before I started learning from Julie. I am so happy that I started taking weekly lessons from her when I did! Julie taught me how to sing with support and proper breathing which vastly opened up my range and capabilities. She tailored our lessons to help me achieve my specific goals and was crucial in helping me develop my own voice. She is a caring, insightful, and incredibly supportive teacher. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking their singing to the next level!"
        Molly Tuttle, Professional Singer/Songwriter (Web Site)

"Julie Valentine is an amazing teacher, who knows how to emphasize proper techniques to avoid vocal problems. She saved my vocal chords when I was singing challenging material on a regular basis. She creates a relaxed and comfortable learning environment, and is a lot of fun to work with!"
        Amy Stewart, Professional Singer/Actress (Web site)

"When I started with Julie, I completely lacked confidence in my voice and was even too shy to sing loudly in our lesson. By the end of that first lesson however, Julie had taught me how to breathe and support my voice so that I could be heard. Within the first month of studying with Julie, my voice gained strength in the places that I would always crack and I had the confidence to audition for every musical that came my way. I continued to study with Julie for several years to keep up my vocal growth and strength. Julie created a safe, fun environment in which to learn, grow and improve on every aspect of my singing voice. Lessons with her were always the height of my day and I always wished they were longer. If I still lived within 100 miles of Julie, I would still be studying with her. It is because of her training that I have been able to confidently audition and perform professionally all over the world."
        Nafeesa Monroe, International Actress & Spoken Word Artist (Web site)

"I came to Julie completely untrained. She quickly identified my specific areas to work on, and gave me repertoire to match. I had a lot of say in what I wanted to sing, but she always made sure it provided useful challenges. Beyond building a solid foundation of vocal technique, Julie was my first education in musical theatre. Guess she turned me onto something I liked because now I don't ever want to stop."
        Alex Nee, Professional Singer/Actor (Web site)

"Hi Julie! I just wanted to let you know that next year I will be going to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU to study musical theater. I really cannot thank you enough for all your help in preparing for all my auditions - I don't think I could've gotten into this program without you. Thank you so much for helping me choose selections that challenged me as a singer. I really hope you are well and look forward to seeing you soon! Thanks Again!
        Emily Barry, Professional Singer/Actress

"Julie is an amazing voice teacher!!! She truly understands voice. She taught my daughter for 4 years to prepare her to become a professional musician and singer and she helped my son find his speaking and singing voice when even his doctor and speech therapist couldn't help. He had two doctors, one of whom sent cameras down his throat twice to film his inflamed vocal box, and he had two speech therapists who tested and advised him but all they could suggest is that he try to stretch out his "s" sounds longer. This problem lasted several years and it was very difficult for him to go through school and never know what sound, if any, might come out when he tried to speak in class or socially. We're so grateful that Julie figured out how he could speak in his low voice and sing beautifully too!"
        Anonymous, Mom to two previous students

"You gave me voice lessons in about 1988. It was during my studies with you that I "found" my voice. You taught me how to seamlessly blend my chest voice and my head voice so that there was no noticeable break. And when I got that, it was like a revelation to me. I now sing in a jazz band in Sonoma County. Someone asked me the other day if I was taking voice lessons. She said, "Someone must have TAUGHT you to sing like you do. Who taught you how to do that?" So I told her, "I took lessons with several different voice teachers when I was young, but the one who really made a difference was Julie Valentine." I thought you might want to know what a difference you made in my musical life. Thank you for making me the singer I am today."
        Tracy Hinman Sigrist, Jazz Singer/Costume Designer

"When I first came to Julie, I had a lot of classical training, but was doing a lot of musical theater. The concept of a Broadway "belt" eluded me; I had no idea how to do it safely or well. Within a few months, Julie had me belting with the best of them, without straining or injuring myself. Since then, I've had several belting roles, most recently as "Muzzy Van Hossmere" in "Thoroughly Modern Millie". Thanks, Julie!"
        Jacqueline De Muro, Singer/Actor, Winner of The San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award

"Julie is an awesome teacher because she is not only an expert in singing, she also makes learning fun. Julie focuses on finding songs that fit your particular voice and gives you encouraging tips and tools to use when you sing. Julie is very friendly and knows how to work well with kids. She is always in a good mood and will throw out jokes to lighten the mood. She is a great person to be around! Since starting lessons with Julie, I have become a much more mature singer. Recently someone just said to me, 'You have such a small body but such a big, powerful voice coming out of you!' I give all the credit for this statement to Julie! (P.S. My mom concurs with all that I've written!)"
        Sondrine Bontemps, age 11 (Now enrolled in the Syracuse University Musical Theatre Program).

"Julie really knows how to identify and address a student's unique challenges. Working with her helped give me the confidence I needed to start going out and getting the roles I really wanted."
        Paul Araquistain, Singer/Actor and Winner of two S.F. Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Awards

"Julie is wise, responsive, and willing to attune to her student's natural direction rather than override a student's innate learning styles with predetermined structures. In other words, she designs her teaching around each student's personality, capacities, and desires. Not an easy thing to do, particularly to do it so quietly and organically. This is teaching at its most gifted. She is easy with herself and others, has a quick sense of humor, and loves and knows the ways of the voice. Her patience and nonjudgmental approach to teaching would make the most timid singer feel at ease while her discernment and honesty can provide fertile ground for the experienced singer as well."
        Dr. Jill Mellick, Psychologist and Artist (Web site)

"When my son was 12 he wanted to try doing musical theatre. He absolutely loved it and pretty soon he wanted to be cast in principle roles. He began working with Julie Valentine when he was 15 and that year was cast as the lead in two shows, Beauty & The Beast and as Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof. When he was applying to colleges, one of his audition numbers was "If I were a Rich Man". He was accepted into UCLA's Musical Theatre program - getting one of only 16 slots. He now has two or three vocal coaches, but it all started with Julie Valentine. Julie provided more than the bedrock vocal training he needed. She encouraged and supported a young performer at a pivotal time in his life."
        With Profound Gratitude, Nick's Mom
                Nick Molari is now a Professional Actor (Web site)

"Julie is a wonderfully savvy teacher and seriously delightful person. I learned a lot from her and recommend her highly!"
        Diane Tasca, Artistic Director Pear Avenue Theatre (Web site)

"Julie Valentine approaches her students with support, constructive critique, caring and a sense of humor. She is an amazing vocalist who has a passion that inspires those she teaches. I am so happy I have had the priviledge to see her work onstage as well as be a student of hers. She's simply wonderful."
        Robin Shelby, Professional Singer/Actor (Web site)

"Julie is a fantastic vocalist and teacher....I've had the pleasure of working with her and students she taught for several productions. She's exceptional at both voice technique and vocal coaching."
        Rick Reynolds, Musical Director

"Julie helped identify my strengths and use them to grow as a singer. Lessons are lots of fun. BEST VOICE TEACHER EVER! "
        Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

"Julie got me started as a singer and helped bring my voice from being timid and atonal to being expressive and mature. She helped me relax as a singer and to enjoy the musical theatre canon. Since studying with her, I've been cast in lead roles in many musicals and now have been hired to sing as a church soloist. Even though I'm not a full-time professional singer, I've been able to earn income with my singing, and I largely have Julie to thank for that."
        Roger Gordon, Playwright

"Studying with Julie while growing up in Palo Alto gave me the tools and confidence to sing whereever and whenever I could. I loved our hour long sessions where I could perfect my favorite show tunes and feel like a broadway star. Today my focus is mostly on acting, but I continue to sing in a choir and occasionally in a musical because my voice is well trained and I love it! Julie helped me build my confidence as a singer while having so much fun every step of the way!"
        Jenny D. Martin, Professional Actress

"I have worked with Julie Valentine for over 15 years. Because of her, I have been cast in many musical theater roles, have received a prestigious vocal award, and even written "Type Talking: the Musical" which was produced in the Bay Area. I continue to learn from her every week!"
        Dr. Charlotte Jacobs, M.D., Oncologist and Performer

"Julie brings a vast experience as a performer and director to her teaching, encouraging her students to not only be technically proficient singers but also well-rounded performers who can handle any situation in any given performance."
        Mark Hanson, Assoc Professor and Musical Theatre Program Coordinator, University of Wisconsin,
               Winner of The San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award (Web Site)

"Singing with Julie was a joy! She gave me the confidence to take risks and try new styles. She was great at giving positive and constructive criticism that made me a better vocalist and overall performer."
        Julia Miller

"Julie - (yes, we call her by her first name because she is awesome) - was by far the voice teacher I have ever had the most fun with in lessons. She is a genuine and kind-hearted woman that wants nothing more than the best for all her students. I used to be very shy to sing in public and terrified of going to voice lessons, but after working with her for a few years I left with full confidence and a strong determination to succeed in my craft. Thank you for everything Julie!!! :)"
        Margaret Gordon, Singer, Voice Teacher (Web site)

"Julie has the ability to hear the problems in your delivery of a song and offer the right corrections that almost always payoff in improving your singing skills. I continuously improve under her tutelage."
        Kathy Shockey, Director of Sales and Marketing Space Systems/Loral

"It has been nearly 12 years since you were my voice teacher, but I have never forgotten about you. Then lately I was looking all over the house for the warmup tape you made for my voice lessons. I finally found it two days ago. Thanks to the internet and a Google search, I found you! Keep up the good work and thanks for all you taught me. You are unforgettable!!!!!"
        Julie V.

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